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    Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo confirm plans to attend MWC as scheduled, unlike LG and Sony

    Huawei, Xiaomi, and Oppo confirm plans to attend MWC as scheduled, unlike LG and Sony
    UPDATE: Huawei has confirmed it will also be attending MWC 2020. The updated story continues below.


    Some of the biggest names in tech have recently pulled out of this year’s Mobile World Congress over coronavirus fears. However, two of the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturers have today revealed they have no plans to follow suit.

    Oppo has no plans to cancel anytime soon

    In a statement earlier today, Oppo confirmed that it plans to attend MWC in Barcelona remain unchanged. The company says the safety of its employees is a top priority and has now committed to following all of the GSMA’s guidelines in addition to several other preventative measures.

    These include obligatory self-isolation for all employees traveling from China in Barcelona for 14 days before the event. Oppo staff will be required to conduct a health condition report daily during this period and throughout MWC itself.

    Oppo says its press conference venue, meeting room, MWC booth, shuttle transportation, and all showcased devices will be disinfected periodically. All staff and participants will also have their temperature taken before any event and required to use hand sanitizer.

    Lastly, Oppo will provide masks to employees and the public.

    Xiaomi wants to showcase new products in Barcelona

    Xiaomi published a very similar statement which reiterated plans to attend MWC and showcase its latest smartphones and smart devices. It also noted the importance of the health and safety of employees, partners, and press members.

    The company says it will guarantee all employees traveling from China show no symptoms and have been out of the country for at least 14 days before their arrival in Barcelona. This protocol also applies to all senior executives scheduled to take part in activities or meetings.

    In addition to following the official GSMA guidance, Xiaomi will also disinfect its exhibition booth and products on a “frequent basis.” All staff present in the booth will be from local offices around Europe, although these will also be monitored over the course of 14 days prior to MWC.

    Huawei isn't withdrawing either

    Huawei joined its Chinese rivals in reiterating plans to attend Mobile World Congress 2020. Richard Yu, the CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Group, will be present to unveil the company's "latest innovations" and new technologies.

    The company is also planning exhibition areas for its new products. It is, nevertheless, working closely with GSMA to incorporate all necessary safety procedures and continues to monitor the situation closely.



    19. meanestgenius

    Posts: 23162; Member since: May 28, 2014

    There is nothing strange going on with this. Some Chinese companies actually canceled, some are still going. Of course, you have some undercover racists here openly defending other racists by playing the victim card. Lol, last time I checked, ZTE, Umidigi, and Vivo are all Chinese countries, but you have people here generalizing all Chinese because of one case. That’s also profiling, a known racist tactic.

    16. MsPooks

    Posts: 380; Member since: Jul 08, 2019

    Some people need to learn the difference between culture and race. Some Asians (or insert your preferred group) think people are valuable. Some Asians think people are throw-away. What's race got to do with that? It's probably not prudent to travel from the country of origin of a deadly virus. BUT, they are complying with safety guidelines to minimize risk. The virus is going to spread, and nothing we do will change that, until the vaccine is released.

    12. Venom

    Posts: 4137; Member since: Dec 14, 2017

    Oh yeah, nothing fishy or suspicious about Chinese OEMs still attending while everyone else is dropping out for safety reasons. Nooo nothing suspicious about this at all.

    14. joshuaswingle

    Posts: 783; Member since: Apr 03, 2018

    Motorola and Nokia are still attending, as is Samsung.

    10. db1020000

    Posts: 44; Member since: Feb 17, 2019

    So, coronavirus will attend MWC this year

    2. danny_a2005

    Posts: 386; Member since: Oct 06, 2011

    Just as I thought. Japanese and Chinese cultures are different. Chinese since they are billions and billions don't care about their employees health or lifes. While Japanese culture is the complete opposite. It's funny cause the virus was originated in China. And they are the first attending

    3. Subie

    Posts: 2476; Member since: Aug 01, 2015

    Multiple Chinese vendors have canceled their plans to attend. And unless you can verify that there will be no Japanese vendors of any kind at MWC 2020 then your comment is assumptive. It's also racist!

    5. meanestgenius

    Posts: 23162; Member since: May 28, 2014

    There are so many racist on this site that it's ridiculous. And so many of them are racist agaisnt POC and Asians. It's horrible.

    9. AlienKiss

    Posts: 363; Member since: May 21, 2019

    I'm not racist, I ONLY like Sony and Samsung. NOTHING else. PERIOD. No Apple, no OnePlus, no chinese brand, no Pixel. How is that racist? Also I like Sushi more than chinese food. Is that racist? I'm from Europe in case you're wondering. You're throwing the racist bs just because you have nothing to say about things like what I just said above.

    18. meanestgenius

    Posts: 23162; Member since: May 28, 2014

    AlienKiss, You are absolutely a racist, specifically against the Chinese, and your past comments prove it. No one is throwing the word racist around. It’s mentioned towards those that best suit the term, like you. Where you’re from has nothing to do with your abhorrent behavior. You sound like racist Caucasian’s that say “But I have one Black friend” or “I hire Black people so I can’t be racist”. In other words, you sound ridiculous.

    22. AlienKiss

    Posts: 363; Member since: May 21, 2019

    Dude, my problem is with huawei for: - terminating the bootloader unlocking service, claiming nobody was using it (when actually they don't want their customers to be able to root their phones and delete any possible spying software hidden in the system apps or in the kernel) - copy/pasteing without ANY shame whatsoever (don't give me that everyone's doing it bs because only the chinese brands seem to have this pitiful and lame practice) - in the beginning, when huawei used to be the poor peoples choice, they used to LIE a LOT about what type of memory chips they were using - just Google it on xda forums if you don't believe me. (selling ancient technology and claiming it was the latest) Again, having a problem with a brand doesn't mean you're racist, it means you have preferences! And that brand is not on that list! I'll tell you what's racist : seeing effing fascists and natzis marching on the streets of Poland, Germany, Hungary, USA, UK, under police protection! That's racist! Don't even get me started with their political views where the words "human rights" have absolutely no meaning whatsoever. They work to death children!!! They send to "rehabilitation camps" people with different religions or sexual orientation and the list goes on and on.. AGAIN, and for the effing last time: I have nothing against Asian people, no matter what race, my problem is with their practices and politic views. Get it? Or do you need a drawing?

    23. meanestgenius

    Posts: 23162; Member since: May 28, 2014

    -That’s a dumb reason not to like a company. It’s their company, if they don’t want to unlock bootloasders, then so be it. Move on to another company that does. -Except, EVERY company does it, from Apple, to Samsung, to Google. You’re blinded by ignorance if you believe otherwise. -ALL of these big corporations lie. ALL of them have been caught lying. OnePlus, Google, Samsung, Apple, Amazon....ALL of them. Just Google it and you’ll see. So you’re being a hypocrite if you have a problem with Huawei for lying, but no other company. -Again, you’ve made racist comments specifically against Chinese people. That’s racist. Having a problem with the brand DOES NOT mean you single out the nationality of those in charge of the company. -And yet, you DO NOT make such claims about fascist and nazis anywhere else but in China. Hmmmm....you seem to have an issue with it ONLY with the Chinese. That’s racist. -Would you like me to get started with the U.S. governments political views where the human rights of POC all over the world have no meaning whatsoever? Funny how U.S. supporters like you NEVER want to discuss that little tidbit. The U.S. gleefully bombs children, it’s own citizens, have created concentration camps in the past to round up the Japanese, as well as having existing concentration camps to this day for POC called “The Projects”, has either current ties to or had a hand in creating almost every major terrorists group in the world, attacks other countries that are of a different religion than Christian, forced their warped views on the world through force, if necessary, and the list goes on. The Chinese government is HORRIBLE, but the U.S. government is NO BETTER, if not WORSE, and yet, you only attack the Chinese for the same things that the U.S. government is doing, of which you remain really quiet about. Hmmm, yeah, you’re racist against Chinese people. AGAIN, and for as many effing times as I need to point it out, you have a problem with Chinese people. You’ve NEVER commented on U.S. government atrocities, or any where else from what I’ve seen, just the Chinese government, even going as far to equate the actions of the Chinese government with Huawei, who are two different entities entirely, but you do so because Huawei is a Chinese company. Yeah, that’s RACIST. Get it? Or do you need me to provide a drawing?

    7. danny_a2005

    Posts: 386; Member since: Oct 06, 2011

    Read some stuff about culture. How Japanese and Chinese cultures are different. I used to work for a Chinese company so I know a lot about it. It's not racism when all that's stated are facts.

    8. joshuaswingle

    Posts: 783; Member since: Apr 03, 2018

    What facts did you state? Vivo, ZTE, Umidigi, and more Chinese companies have canceled their presence at MWC 2020 citing the safety of employees and the public. So your statement is clearly incorrect. Also, Sony is literally the only Japanese company that's canceled. You can't generalize things because of one case.

    15. danny_a2005

    Posts: 386; Member since: Oct 06, 2011

    The fact that Chinese companies don't care about their employees. You die and you have a replacement in one day with no one to grieve you or remember you. Check about Japanese culture instead. Huawei is also joining mwc. Of course. The intelligent thing to do is not to attend the event. Specially if you're a Chinese company with Chinese staff. Of course Japan and the companies that skipped don't want to catch any Chinese virus in Barcelona. Taking care of their employees and countries.

    20. meanestgenius

    Posts: 23162; Member since: May 28, 2014

    Your statement was completely racist against Chinese people, danny. There is no hiding it. You grouped an entire race together because of the actions a few heads of some Chinese corporations.

    24. danny_a2005

    Posts: 386; Member since: Oct 06, 2011

    No, i didn't put an entire race together, I put their culture. There are some Chinese people with different culture and thoughts. But those are few. Chinese working culture is very different than others. They are even proud of it. As I said, I worked for them so I know how it is. Google about Chinese working culture. Different than America, Europe, Australia, and even other Asians countries. I don't think is racist to be objective over their working culture. Which under my point of view. Is INCORRECT.

    11. AlienKiss

    Posts: 363; Member since: May 21, 2019

    Clearly you can tell when someone is being a bit sarcastic in written form. Maybe a bit harsh, but not a lie either.. Get a Snickers.. Relax..

    13. Venom

    Posts: 4137; Member since: Dec 14, 2017

    There's something strange going on with this. Of course you have some people who are trying to play the sympathy card and say that it's race related. Lol last time I checked, Japan was an Asian country.
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