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    Adobe Lightroom update: Split-view for iPad and Google Drive import presets for Android

    Adobe Lightroom update: Split-view for iPad and Google Drive import presets for Android
    Adobe Lightroom for mobile is now receiving an update with some interesting features. Engadget has drawn our attention to the fact that with February’s update for Lightroom, a split-screen option is included in the features for iPad. The Split View gives users the opportunity to have another app opened next to the photo editor - this could the email app, Safari or other.

    Other new features that come with the February 2020 release include import presets and profiles from Google Drive - available for Android only, while for both Android and iOS we receive support for new cameras and lenses, and a tutorial in the Learn section of the Home view. In this tutorial you can tap and hold the screen at any time to view the before and after edits of the photo, which could be helpful for new users.

    Additionally, Lightroom for iOS gets faster recognition of duplicate photos during import, as well as smoother import of photos from SD card or camera.

    However, there’s one interesting detail worth mentioning, concerning Samsung Galaxy users. Apparently, now you can download and install Lightroom from Samsung Galaxy Store. However, the version of Lightroom downloaded from the Google Play Store cannot reside with the Samsung Galaxy Store’s version on the same device, so pay attention to that if you have downloaded Lightroom already.


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    2. KingSam

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    Presets from google drive on iOS is what I need!!
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